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The brutal expansion of streaming video in high and very high definition sponsored by platforms that operate worldwide does not mean that there is an important nucleus of Home Cinema lovers who continue to bet on physical support to enjoy their favorite audiovisual content. A bet that, on the other hand, entails a qualitative element highly valued by the most demanding: the use of compression rates that are substantially lower than those used for streaming, with which this implies an improvement in the quality of both image and sound.

This reasoning constitutes the raison d'être of Reavon, a young French brand that has just launched two products of exceptional quality / price ratio destined to revolutionize the market for classic audiovisual sources of the highest level: the UBR-X200 and UBR-X100 4K universal players. Very similar in their basic conception, while being compatible with DLNA and with the most popular multi-channel and 3D audio formats, the two Reavons differ in the degree of sophistication of their audio section, the UBR-X200 having been designed to lovers of audiovisual High End looking for absolute sound and the UBR-X100 for those looking for high-flying performance in sound and image at a reasonable price.