List of products by brand Audiotechnology

DIY/HUM speakers for mounting

Audiotechnology is a family owned company founded by Ejvind Skaaning and Per Skaaning. Our production facilities are situated in Stilling, Denmark. Ejvind Skaaning was the guiding force behind several loudspeaker companies in Denmark; among the most prominent are Scan-Speak and Dynaudio corporations, both founded by Mr. Skaaning.

Years of research and development in loudspeaker driver design, coupled with extensive manufacturing and production experience is the foundation of Audiotechnology´s expertise.

All Flexunits and C-Quenze drivers are handcrafted. Voice coils and cone profiles are developed, as well as produced in house. Audiotechnology does all assembling, and every driver is subject to extensive control and performance measurements.
Audiotechnology supplies drivers to many companies, among them Sonus Faber in Italy, Audiophil in Germany, Rockport Technologies in the USA, and the Danish company Peak-Consult. In summary we can provide you with custom designed and build drive units, specially suited to your design requirements.