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An audio amplifier is a device that contains electronic circuits whose function is to increase the power (voltage and intensity) of the audio signal, doing so with the least possible distortion to offer a high-fidelity quality output signal.

To listen to your music in the best possible way, a correct choice in your sound amplifier is essential so that the speakers or speakers achieve the best performance. Audio amplifiers can be integrated (the function of preamplification and power in a single device), or separated into preamplifier and power stage. In addition, the way to amplify these devices can be of different technologies. We refer to tube and digital amplifiers. There are also loudspeakers or speakers with internal amplification on the market, in which case the use of an amplifier would not be necessary.

Current amplifiers can be connected and used through a smartphone, tablet, music applications such as iTunes or spotify, internet platforms, etc; all this, including the possibility of expanding the audio to different areas of your home.

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