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Integrated Amplifiers

What is an audio amplifier? Well, if the electrical signals into which sounds are converted, from a CD player, a microphone, etc., did not go through an amplifier, but went directly to our speakers or speakers, the sound would be merely a whisper. Hence we need an audio power amplifier, so that it can be heard. And what types of amplifiers are there? There are the integrated amplifiers, that is, they are inside the device that emits the signal, the power stages, which are located apart from the audio device, and the preamplifiers, which are in charge of leveling the electrical voltage that comes from the different audio sources. Here you can find the most relevant amplifier brands on the market.

Integrated amplifiers incorporate pre-amplification and power amplification stages in one device. They are the most economical option although their quality is inferior to that of the preamplifier and power amplifier assemblies.

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