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Published : 2023-12-12 - Categories : Categories , Last hi-fi news

Customers of real high-end products want and need proven consistency in quality, true heritage and a waterproof story "behind the curtain". VIMBERG™ is not a new company, but is designed and manufactured by the same people who create TIDAL's ultra high-end masterpieces. And by that, we mean: the same people with the same engineering skills, the same "we care" attitude and it's all designed and built under the same roof.

Engineering: The Elegance of Well-Done

VIMBERG™ loudspeakers are lauded for their incredible beauty. But all beauty is meaningless if it's based on an empty enclosure. VIMBERG™ loudspeakers offer state-of-the-art engineering and construction and are engineered and manufactured to perfection, marketing fairy tales aside. There is only one way to demonstrate loudspeaker engineering excellence: measurements!

Why is this so? It's easy: construction flaws such as cabinet resonances, poor driver implementation and impedance drops that hinder the life of the amplifiers, just to name a few, can be measured and therefore detected and should be avoided. Simply because sooner or later, the ear will detect it, and the user will address that with sound defects.

Construction: The Basis of Everything

Construction is the most essential foundation for everything that follows. For example, any kind of parts quality is almost meaningless if it is based on a compromised design. VIMBERG™ uses some of the most advanced software to support the design of each loudspeaker, such as extensively reinforced, low-noise cabinets or complicated crossover designs. From the outside, all loudspeakers, being a driver-equipped cabinet, often look similar in construction. The truth is that the inside makes the difference between day and night, as therein lies the DNA of each loudspeaker. The DNA of how much the brand cares and what it can do, and the DNA of how satisfied and happy the owner will be later on.

Materials: Selecting the Best

Every VIMBERG™ has gone through the process of choosing the best materials for it. VIMBERG™ cabinets are made from water-resistant fibreboard material, compressed after a blown line resin coating and are coated with a spectacular glossy real polyester piano varnish to seal it, and as a by-product, make it look extremely noble. The drivers use diaphragms made of sandwich aluminium, ceramic and diamond from the noble driver supplier Accuton. The crossovers use, for example, exclusively foil capacitors, air-core inductors and all come from the noble suppliers Duelund and Mundorf. In addition, all metal parts are milled from a complete block of aluminium and underline our approach.

In short, VIMBERG™ is not just an affordable option, it is the choice for those seeking audio excellence without compromising quality and world-class engineering. With VIMBERG™, true high fidelity is accessible.

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