Exploring IKEDA's History and Sound Excellence

Published : 2023-12-18 - Categories : Categories , Last hi-fi news

In the vibrant world of hi-fi audio, there are names that resonate with exceptional quality and groundbreaking innovation. IKEDA Sound Laboratories has been a pioneer in this sphere, leaving an indelible mark since its founding in 1984 by visionary Isamu Ikeda.

Ikeda Sound Lab. An Unparalleled Legacy

Isamu Ikeda, born in 1929, forged his way from an early fascination with gramophones to become a leading expert in audio technology. He founded FR (Fidelity Research) in 1964, where he developed the first MC cartridge for consumer use, establishing himself as a pioneer in the field.

His unwavering focus on quality and innovation is evident in iconic products such as the "FR7f" MC cartridge and the "FR64s" pick-up arm. After closing FR in 1986, Isamu Ikeda established IKEDA Sound Laboratories in 1984, continuing his quest for sonic perfection.

Innovation that Resonates Through Time

In 1985, Isamu Ikeda introduced the cantileverless MC capsule "IKEDA9", a technical and artistic feat unique in the world. His inquisitive spirit persisted, and until his retirement in 2010, Isamu passed on his expertise to future generations.

The torch was passed to Katsuaki Ishiyama, who founded Itei Kogyo Ltd. in 1974 and, in 2010, assumed the leadership of IKEDA Sound Laboratories. With a diverse career and more than 30 occupations, Ishiyama has kept Ikeda's vision alive. Award-winning products such as "9xx" and "IT-407SS" have continued the legacy of excellence.

Discover the Magic of Music with IKEDA

IKEDA Sound Labs offer an unparalleled musical experience, combining precision and artistry in every product.

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