PILIUM LEONIDAS. Details and sound test

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Pilium Leonidas Review Audiohum

PILIUM Leonidas, a very high-end amplifier

The Leonidas is a true integrated amplifier, capable of uncompromisingly handling almost any load, promoting the true nature and characteristics of the loudspeaker without having to envy its bigger brothers. Most integrateds are usually a compromise solution, for people who have less space or like to have only one unit as an amplifier, but this is not the case with Leonidas. A preamplifier and a power amplifier both in dual mono configuration, with short signal paths in a single chassis amplifier solution with the best Pilium sound.

Features and technical specifications Pilium Leonidas

2x 1.2 KVA transformers for the power amplifier section.

2x 100VA for the preamplifier section.

Special 200,000uF long life capacitors for power amplifiers.

38,000uF long life capacitors for preamplifiers.

44 powerful ultra-wideband transistors.

Military-grade printed circuit boards.

Independent IEC for each channel.

Microprocessor digitally controlled speaker, temperature and DC protection.

Audio signal circuits completely separate from non-audio signal processing.

True dual mono design

Power: 200W/8Ω, 400W/4Ω, 800W/2Ω

Frequency response: Greater than 100kHz

Distortion: Less than 0.01%.

Inputs: 2 pairs XLR and 3 pairs RCA

Voltage gain: 36

Output impedance: Less than 0.1 Ohm

Dimensions: 310x480x490mm (HxWxDxH)

Net weight: 100 kg

Pilium Audio Leonidas Audiohum

We have just received a unit of the Pilium Leonidas at our facilities in Cordoba. Come and try it out!

We have made a video for our YouTube channel discovering the details of the Pilium Leonidas. You can watch it by clicking here.

All the information about Pilium Audio at www.audiohum.com/gb


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