Tellurium Q Statement II: The Cable that Redefines the Music Experience

Published : 2023-11-10 - Categories : Categories , Last hi-fi news , Reviews

"But this highlights the big difference of Tellurium Q Statement II; when you compare it to other cables - including its predecessor - the other cables sound as if they impose their own characteristics on the sound.

Tellurium Q Statement was a revelation that opened up the sound of your music in a way you wouldn't have thought possible before. And if you liked what Statement did, Statement II does it better. The cable's revelatory quality doesn't come with a rough edge. It shows what your system does, but doesn't push you to change it. 

If you have Statement, should you buy Statement II? Normally, it's a time for hesitation, but in this case it's a resounding 'yes'."

Alam Sircom, Hifi+ magazine

This is an excerpt from HiFi + magazine's Alan Sircom's review of the Tellurium Q Statement II. A cable that has not only revolutionised the audio cable industry, but has taken the music experience to an unprecedented level.

Sircom highlights a significant difference between Statement II and its predecessors: its ability to preserve the essence of the music without imposing a signature label. The evolution from Statement to Statement II is described as an obvious improvement, yet the details of these changes remain a closely guarded mystery.

The secret of Tellurium Q lies in its approach: Geoff Merrigan, the engineer behind these cables, maintains an intentional secrecy about materials and construction. He believes that these details can get in the way of the real debate about the cable's sonic performance.

The intention of the Tellurium Q cables is not to act as a filter, but it is acknowledged that some cables do have some influence on the sound. The Statement II is notable for its transparency, exposing all musical information without highlighting weaknesses in the system. While its transparency can highlight flaws in a system, for a well-balanced system, it is a real gem. 

The conceptually "colourless" cable, in the context of audio cables, means exactly what you want in terms of transparency and honesty in music reproduction.

While the original Statement had already impacted the audio world, Statement II takes it to a new level, delving even deeper into sonic detail without imposing its own character. It invites enthusiasts to dive even deeper into the essence and meaning behind every note and sound. If you already own the Statement, the answer to whether you should purchase the Statement II is a resounding "yes".

This cable's ability to reveal the intricate details of music is a true gem for any well-balanced audio system. Its power lies in displaying unprecedented transparency, bringing the listener into an authentic and enriching musical experience. With the Tellurium Q Statement II, music comes alive with astonishing clarity.

The crystal clear sound and its ability to reveal the authenticity behind each piece of music are just a couple of reasons why the Tellurium Q Statement II stands out as a masterpiece in the world of audio cables.

Alan Sircom, with his review in HiFi+ magazine, manages to capture the essence of this technological marvel. This cable has revolutionised the music experience and continues to redefine the way we listen to music.

The Tellurium Q Statement II is not just a cable; it is a window into the world of music as it was intended. Its clarity and musical purity live up to its name and undoubtedly sets a new standard in the world of audio.

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