Condenser Mundorf M-Cap 1-100uF 250VDC

MUNDORF M-Cap Classic 250V 33-150uF

Condenser Mundorf M-Cap from 150uF, 250VDC.

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Metallized polypropylene capacitors offer excellent value for money. With a sweeter and more natural sound than most options available at this price level. The M-CAP® is an audiophile-grade metallized polypropylene capacitor. In the choice of materials used in its construction, special attention has been paid to its sound properties. The great care with which it is produced guarantees its high quality and minimum electrical and mechanical tolerances. In addition, in the final inspection, the maximum deviations in capacitance are 1.5%, which guarantees that the tolerance of 3% is not only fulfilled, but rather improved, with a standard deviation of 1.5%. The virtually induction-free construction and the low loss factor of the M-CAP® result in a very fast condenser. The M-CAP® forms the basis for a realistic reproduction of the music, with all the details of it.


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