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Published : 2023-09-29 - Categories : Categories , Last hi-fi news

Sforzato - Where Passion for Music Finds a Home

Sforzato is a Japanese company with a legacy dating back to 2009, when engineer and music lover Kyoichi Omata decided to bring his vision to life. The brand is dedicated to creating high-end networked audio devices that deliver an exceptional music experience. Its name, derived from the musical notation "sfz," represents passion and commitment to music.

What Sforzato Offers

Sforzato stands out for its state-of-the-art network audio players. These devices are not only a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, but also offer exceptional sound quality, high reliability and ease of use. Equipped with powerful CPUs capable of handling high-resolution formats such as PCM at 768 kHz and DSD at 22.5 MHz, these players will take you on an unparalleled sonic journey.

Emotional Music Experience

Sforzato's philosophy is based on opening up the heart and soul of music. Their products are designed not only to deliver sound, but to convey emotions. The name "Sforzato" reflects their commitment to playing the notes with passion and dedication, and it shows in every detail of their products.

Custom Development

Sforzato prides itself on a customised approach to product development. Its founder, Omata-san, is directly involved in circuit design, board development and chassis design. This ensures total control over sound quality and user experience. When you choose Sforzato, you are choosing a passionate musical experience.

Quality Assembly and Production

Sforzato does not skimp on quality at any step of the production process. They carefully select domestic manufacturers for the production of front panels, chassis and PCBs. SMD components are chosen for their quality and assembled with precision. In addition, hand assembly is carried out in Hino City, Tokyo, which ensures the quality and optimum performance of each product.

In short, Sforzato is a brand specialising in high-end network audio players that strives to deliver a unique and emotional music experience. Their commitment to quality, custom design and passion for music sets them apart in the market.

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