Audeze LCD-X. Very high performance open circumaural headphones.

Extremely efficient headphone capable of extracting maximum power from low power amplifiers as well as portable devices.

The most neutral of the range. It is preferred by recording engineers and musicians alike for its fast, dynamic and precise sound.

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2017 version improvements.

Physical improvements:

• 30% thinner sheets to be lighter and easier to move.

• Re-design of the magnetic circuit to make the magnetic flux through the diaphragm more uniform.

• Optimized diaphragm patterns to the new magnetic structure.

• Substantial improvement of the manufacturing process for optimum reliability.

Sound improvements:

• Higher resolution.

• More response speed in transients.

• Better extension in the low frequencies and more definition in the bass.

• Smoother, more natural mids and extended high frequencies.

• Better image and spatial placement of music.


The LCD-X is an extremely efficient headphone capable of extracting maximum power from low-power amplifiers as well as portable devices.


The LCD-X is the most neutral in the range. It is undoubtedly the favorite of both recording engineers and musicians for its fast, dynamic and precise sound. Our patented technology eliminates the pain points of other designs and improves focus and clarity.


Fazor elements manage the flow of sound to improve frequency extension and create a more immersive soundstage. It is sensitive enough to accompany portable players such as iPods, tablets or smartphones, although using an external amplifier produces even better results.

· Transducer type: Open Circumaural

· Magnet structure: Planomagnetic

· Frequency response: 5Hz-20 KHz (extendable in high frequencies up to 50 KHz)

· 1mW efficiency: 95 dB

· Impedance: 20 ohms

· 39.8 square centimeters diaphragm of area

High-grade neodymium magnet

Maximum power: 15W (optimal 1-4W)

Weight: 600 grams

Finish: Anodized Aluminum

Ear pads and headband: Black lambskin

Accessories included

6.3mm jack / 4-pin XLR cable


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