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DA-DAC Converters

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Aqua La Voce S3 DAC. DAC converter

The new S3 Discrete | La Voce to the next level.

Designed to provide absolute modularity, the Voce S3 is a pure R2R ladder: FPGA-based DAC with no digital filter. It has a sign-magnitude ladder converter.

The absence of digital filtering means that there is no processing of the input signal. The original digital samples are translated into the reproduced sound, preserving the transient shape and avoiding any sound.

In this way, we also avoid the problem of "intersample overs" that is vital for faithful reproduction, considering the current practices of recording studios.

With our R2R conversion technology, the sound is natural, fast, dynamic and without the feeling of compression that characterizes other converters.

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LinQ is a highly modular device, based on a series of completely independent units.

Each module performs a particular function, for which it is optimized.

We will have a Roon Ready (RAAT) module and a UPnP DLNA streaming module, etc.

Each module has its own dedicated power supply and connects to a connector on the device's base platform. In addition to optimizing the particular function, this architecture guarantees an exceptional possibility of future upgrades.

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Aqua La Scala MKII Optologic DAC. DAC converter

Since its introduction in 2010, the La Scala digital-to-analog converter has earned the distinction of “the benchmark in a self-established new class”. Now Aqua is launching an improved version, La Scala MkII, which is not an easy task, which has been carried out by first optimizing the global precision of the digital circuit.

The Scala MkII inherits the innovative DFD digital filterless decoding system ensuring a pure and accurate digital signal. In addition, a new analogue output circuitry has been developed from ECC81 triode valves and direct coupled MOSFETs.

It has just been upgraded to what is known as the Optologic DAC - USB Type B 24/384.

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Aqua The Diva. CD transporter

Without any reservation, without any commitment, without leaving anything to chance: this is how Aqua has made La Diva one of the best compact disc transports on the market. Anyone who thinks there is nothing more to listen to on a CD will change their mind as soon as they hear this fantastic reader, which represents the culmination of Aqua's research and development in mechanical and electronic engineering.

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Aqua Formula. DAC converter.

Formula xHD Dac is the first in aqua-acoustic quality production to feature a proprietary D / A conversion system, which we call Optological Dac. This conversion system follows the same multi-bit technology (already used in previous acclaimed dacs like La Voce and La Scala) but with a discrete R2R resistor ladder instead of Burr Brown PCM1704 dacs. The xHD update shows a different dimension in digital playback.