Integrated amplifier with integrated CD player, 2x75W Class AB, ES9038Q2M 32-bit DAC, MM phono preamplifier, analog, optical, coaxial digital inputs, Tidal, Qobuz, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, DTS Play-Fi APP.

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As its name suggests, the Omnia houses a powerful mix of products inside, namely a preamplifier, stereo power amp, CD transport mechanic, DAC, streamer and headphone amp, all with the addition of generous connectivity both wired and wireless. As far as engineering is concerned, the Omnia first highlights a power amplification section configured in Class AB, supported by a generous power supply system that combines a 200 VA toroidal transformer with a capacitor bank that add up to a total capacity of 60,000 uF, which means that the Omnia is able to meet the demands of a wide range of loudspeakers. Regarding the digital part, let us point out that the DAC section of the Omnia is based on one of the sophisticated ESS9038 Q2M SABER D/A conversion “chips” with 32-bit technology from the American ESS Technology. The Omnia also incorporates wireless streaming – up to 24-bit/192 kHz – via DTS Play-Fi and high-precision CD transport mechanics, as well as being compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and even with turntables equipped with moving magnet (MM) cartridges.

Technical characteristics:

All-in-one electronics with an exceptional quality/price ratio.

Preamp, power amp, DAC, streamer and CD player in a single chassis.

Power amp section set to Class AB.

USB DAC compatible with PCM up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512.

MQA compliant; Roon Tested approved.

Oversized power supply.

Large IPS LCD display screen.

Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.

Wireless streaming up to 24-bit/192 kHz via DTS Play-Fi.

Slot-loading, high-precision CD transport mechanics.

Compatible with turntables equipped with moving magnet (MM) cartridges.

Headphone amplifier with current feedback topology.

Output power of 2x50 W RMS at 8 ohms or 2x75 W RMS at 4 ohms.

Frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz, +/-0.1 dB.

Signal/noise ratio: 114 in Digital, 110 dB in Line, 76 dB in MM Phono.

Dimensions: 440x156x327 mm (WxHxD).

Weight: 9.1 kg.


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