Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker cable

TELLURIUM Q Black II. Speaker cable

Tellurium Q Black II. Speaker cable.

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"And why a Black II? Even though the Black is winning multiple awards, surprising its owners with its superb performance and causing more and more people to choose it for their teams?

We have been learning and developing, especially in recent years, and we have found a way to improve this little wonder. So the only thing left for us to do was offer it to our customers. Swap Black for Black II and the difference is obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, it is also obvious why we feel the need to improve Black in the way that we have.

We are convinced that our customers will have a better experience and we hope that we will like the Black II so much.

Externally, this cable is identical to the Black but the sound has been significantly improved, with more detail and extension at the ends and more body and instrument separation. "

Available with Banana or Spade connectors.

HiFi World Review:

“Alongside the Black IIs I also received

a set of the original cable for comparison – and the step-change in performance is apparent. Improved tonality was the first thing that struck me, especially with acoustic instruments. Keith Jarrett’s piano on ‘The Carnegie Hall Concert’ had more body and weight to it with a rich, resonant presentation. Here was the sound of a real instrument playing. While the original Black cable was good this new version takes all its qualities and builds on them with a sense that it is letting even more of the musical information through. Timing, especially, seemed better and more focussed with a total absence of smear or haze around instruments. An update to an already outstanding loudspeaker cable, the new Black II cables improve on the originals to a remarkable degree.”

HiFi Plus Review:

“…offers insight into the way the instruments are being played. That is rare at this price. This is a very communicative, engaging and capable presentation, making it the most natural thing to just forget about listening to the system and simply enjoy the music.”


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