Project  RPM 3 Carbon


Project  RPM 3 Carbon. Turntable with exclusive S-shape 10 "reading arm

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Designed to provide a versatile doorway to the vinyl universe, the RPM 3 Carbon is an elegant and affordable high performance turntable with belt drive that uses techniques developed by Pro-Ject to improve the quality level that so much reputation has given to The RPM series. Thus, in a chassis of very low resonance and unmistakable minimalist design, RPM 3 Carbon assembles a plate of MDF of 300 mm of thickness whose system of rotation is based on an inverted bearing of ceramic, solution that on the other hand allows to reduce substantially it tremulous. Another detail revealing the audiophile spirit of the RPM 3 Carbon is the location of the engine in a separate enclosure, also highlighting the fact that the engine is excited using a high-precision AC generator from a DC power source . But if one element of the new Pro-Ject excels the others, this is arguably the sophisticated 10-inch "S" reading arm that incorporates, made from carbon fiber, aluminum and resin using a complex 3 Steps with high pressure heat treatment (100 bar) included that drastically increases rigidity and internal damping while reducing resonances to a minimum. Also emphasizes the anti-slip magnetic system used, in addition to a counterweight of high quality damped. In short, a beautiful product that integrates elegantly into any domestic space and dazzles the frankness and authority of its sound.

Technical characteristics:

  • Turntable of high performance and exceptional relation c / p.
  • Belt drive with motor located in a separate block.
  • Very high precision external power supply.
  • Plate of MDF of 300 mm of thickness.
  • Magnetic anti-skating device.
  • Pro-Ject exclusive S-shape 10 "reading arm.
  • Turning speeds of 33 and 45 rpm.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 71 dB.
  • Available with or without a capocaptora (Ortofon 2M Silbr).
  • Available in black, white and bright red.
  • Dimensions: 447x118x373 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 5'5 kg.