AUDIOQUEST PQ-303. Power strip with 7 sockets (4 of them with mains filter). Black.



Mains power strip with 7 sockets (4 of them with mains filter): 3 high current output sockets and 4 linear filtered output sockets.

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Optimise Your Entertainment System with the PowerQuest Power Conditioner

The PowerQuest Power Conditioner is the ultimate choice to take your entertainment system to the next level. With a unique combination of advanced features and high-performance design, this device is designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Featured Features:

- PQ-415 Power Cable: Includes a power cable with flat wall plug to ensure a safe and reliable connection.

- RF Noise Dissipation: Equipped with concentric semi-solid long grain copper (LGC) conductors, this power conditioner features class-leading noise dissipation exceeding -22 dB, providing a cleaner, crisper sound.

- Differential Mode: Offers a wide range of interference protection, from 30 kHz to 1 GHz on the PQ-505 model.

- Protection without Sacrifice: This device ensures the integrity of your equipment even in the most extreme conditions, with an ability to withstand repeated input surge testing up to 6000 V/3000 A.

- Extreme Voltage Rapid Shutdown: With instantaneous activation in the event of hazardous voltages of 140 VAC, your equipment will be protected in less than 0.25 seconds, and will automatically restart when power returns to a safe range.

- Custom Configuration: Offers 8 linear filtered outputs for constant current/source devices and 4 high current outputs for variable current components such as amplifiers and powered speakers.

- Rackmount: Includes 2RU rack ears for easy installation in your audio or video setup.

PowerQuest Series Power Conditioners - Unmatched Performance

The PowerQuest Series models, including the PQ-303, PQ-505 and PQ-707, adopt AudioQuest's comprehensive approach to AC power conditioning. This translates into class-leading noise reduction, enhancing the sound and video quality of your entertainment system.

Protection and Power Assurance

All models feature premium surge protection and automatic shutdown in the event of extreme voltage, ensuring your valuable equipment is always safe.

Limitless Versatility

With 12 AC outlets in total, these conditioners provide power to variable current amplifier components and constant current sources. Each power bank is optimised to provide the best possible power quality.

With its intelligent design and advanced technology, the PowerQuest Power Conditioner is the perfect choice to enhance your entertainment system. Trust AudioQuest to take your entertainment experience to the next level.

PowerQuest 303 Product Specifications:



NUMBER OF OUTLETS WITH FILTER: 4 linear filtered outlets

CURRENT FILTER: Linear Noise Dissipation

Differential filter: 30 kHz - 1 GHz

SUPPLIED NETWORK CABLE PQ-416: 2 m RF noise dissipation cable with concentric semi-solid conductors using long grain copper (10 A at 240 V)

DIMENSIONS: 432 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 340 mm (D) (89 mm high with feet)

WEIGHT: 4.65 kg

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