List of products by brand Morel

Morell. Handmade hi-fi speakers

Almost four decades ago, in 1975, Mr. Meir Mordechai founded Morel, inspired by his love of music and motivated by a dream: to create a speaker that would capture the magic of music in the most natural way. His lifelong pursuit resulted in successive generations of speakers and audio drivers that consistently set new standards for excellent sound quality. The Morel brand (derived from Mordechai Electroacustics) has become an annual recipient of the "Best of" awards for sound reproduction in the home and on mobile devices.

Each Morel product is hand-assembled and thoroughly tested, undergoing seven different quality tests, to ensure it meets the highest standards. Personal knowledge and patented know-how, acquired by Morel's dedicated team over three decades of experimenting with sound, permeate all of their products.